Profarmer Australia provides Australian grain prices, analysis and selling tactics to help growers sell the right grain, on the right day, in the right way.

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The development of the grain industry in Australia

NZX mission is to build and operate markets which improve the economies in which we operate.

That's why we invested in Profarmer, Australian Crop Forecasters and Clear Grain Exchange to provide a multi-faceted service offering across the Australian grain market place.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a more efficient market that will yield better values at the farm gate.

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Selling tactics and analysis

Do I or don't I sell? How do I sell? Be confident knowing you are selling the right grain, on the right day, in the right way.


What is the best price today? How do I get it? Be confident you are viewing the entire market.


Is there an abundance or shortage of grain? What does it mean for the price? Be confident with the most up to date estimates for all Australian crops.


Who is exporting, importing, consuming, and from where? What does it mean for you? Be confident in recognising when there is strong buyer appetite for your grain.

Trading infrastructure

Are there more buyers for my grain? How do I offer my grain? Be confident in showing your firm price on your grain to the entire market.

Secure settlement

Will I be paid? What happens if I am not? Be confident in utilising settlement where title doesn't transfer from you until your grain is paid for.

Buyers and sellers

Are there other ways I could sell my grain? Who is providing the product? Be confident all selling avenues are covered.


Do I have to sell my grain myself? What if I don't have the confidence? Be confident you have access to the same data, analysis and selling tactics as your advisers.

Profarmer Australia is a member of Grain Trade Australia

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